The Kings coffee - Roskilde Festival 16
This might be the beginning of a great adventure 
Only for the brave and the strong.
Wish you good luck on your way! If there's any problem please e-mail us at jeff@coffeecow.dk
Sadly we can't accept more people under 18
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Hey {{answer_12999785}}, nice to meet you.

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Are you able to carry 10 kg. - on your bag for 5 hours? *

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We live by selling coffee, so please sell yourself!
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And by whom?
Are you a Sir Cow?

Have you been with CoffeeCow on Roskilde Festival before?
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and I want to work as volunteer for CoffeeCow at Roskilde Festival 2016 and work the hours required by Roskilde Festival
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Thank you  {{answer_12999785}} for your application for volunteer for CoffeeCow at Roskilde Festival 16!We will contact you as soon as possible!

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